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We'll need to gather some information so we can custom tailor the project to your needs and requirements. As we go through the steps, you'll see a running estimated total cost at the bottom. You won't need to pay when submitting this form, we will arrange that after receiving your request. Please note, the more information you can give, the easier and quicker it will be to get started on your project. Custom sites start at 300.

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Domain name

You can purchase a domain name for either 1/month or 10/year.

If you need to purchase a domain name, please enter a domain name below (i.e, google.com) to check its availability. If not, you can skip this section.


It is highly recommended that you host with Winklet Web Design because when you host with us, we can quickly and easily install and set up your site without any hitches. If you host elsewhere, we can't guarantee how easy or difficult it might be and whether our CMS is compatible with your hosting platform.

Hosting is available for either 6/month or 60/year.

Billing cycle

Choosing a yearly billing cycle could save you up to 14 per year.

TOTAL: 300
plus 10 / year for domain name.
plus 60 / year for hosting.