Social Media Marketing: 3 Must-Have Online Tools
Feb 15, 2018

Social media marketing seems to be the way that a lot of brands can reach customers these days. Having a solid strategy for social is important, but it's also necessary to have a few tools up your sleeve to help you achieve your goals. This article will take a look at some of those tools and the best ways to use them.

1. ManageFlitter

Managing Twitter can be a tough ask these days, and most people are going to need a helping hand to do it effectively. ManageFlitter is a useful tool that can be used to follow/unfollow users. Many of the advanced features of the tool also allow you to identify your most influential followers and see which users may not be so useful to you.

2. Klout

Measuring your impact on social media is vital, and Klout is a useful service to provide that. It's also insightful to be able to track other users' Klout scores to see who is making the most impact on social media. For brands, another part of the service is the availability of popular content on the site that can be shared on Twitter.

3. Buffer

Scheduling and managing content can be difficult to manage, especially if you have several profiles on different sites. Buffer makes it easy to schedule content that can be shared at various intervals and will even help you come up with the best times to post. Also, the service makes it easy to share updates across multiples platforms at the same time if that's your strategy.

This article has been a brief look at some useful social media tools, and they can certainly all help you to create the best content as well as build your following. The great thing is they can all be used for free to help you schedule your updates, find interesting users and measure your own performance. Remember though, the key to social media success is developing the best content.

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